Sunday, July 3, 2011

health literacy

Knowledge of health, including the ability to understand instructions on a bottle of prescription drugs, the appointment, brochures, education, medical doctor's direction, and a consent and the ability to negotiate the system. health care complex. Knowledge of health is not just the ability to read. It requires a complex group of reading, listening, analysis and decision making skills and the ability to use these skills to health situations.
Knowledge of different health context and setting and do not require years of study or general reading ability. To function adequately at home or at work may have marginal or inadequate knowledge of the health care environment. With the move toward more "consumer-centric" health care system as part of an effort by improving the quality of health care and to reduce the cost of health care that people need to play an important role to use. more in decision making related to health care. To achieve these people with the skills necessary for good health.