Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Begging Yoga For Everyone

Yoga is a centuries old practice that came to us from India. In India, Yoga is viewed as more a spiritual practice than here in America. To most of us, it is use more so for exercising, to tone muscles or gain more flexibility.

However, there are many benefits to performing yoga. Some of them are increased muscle tone and increased flexibility. Yoga can also lower stress and improve your breathing. Another plus for yoga is that anyone can perform yoga regardless of age, disabilities or limitations.

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Yoga Help Clear the Mind

· Yoga can help you clear your mind. It helps you improve your concentration and focus.

· When you focus on your breath, concentrate on holding the pose.

· You will not be bothered by distractions that are around you, this practice can be carried with you long after when you're out and about in the world.

Yoga Improves Your Balance

Your balance will be significantly improved as well. Holding the poses helps you greatly improve your balance and you are less likely to fall.

Yoga Relieves Tension

Along with flexibility being improved, you also release a lot of tension, which uses a lot of energy. When that tension is gone, you have a lot of energy at your disposal.

The Different Types of Yoga

The most popular form of yoga performed today is Hatha yoga. It is usually the one you hear most people talk about, when talking about yoga. Although there are many different forms of yoga, I will list some of them.

· Hatha is slow and gentle.

· Vinyasa is breath synchronized movement.

· Power yoga fast paced style of yoga.

· Bikram yoga is performed in 95 to 100 degree rooms.

· Iyengar yoga deals with body alignment.

· Kundalini works with breath in combination with physical movement.

The great thing about yoga is it doesn't take a lot of extra equipment to get started and you see results quickly. All you really need is a mat and some clothing that is comfortable.

Begging Yoga For Everyone


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