Sunday, September 25, 2011

Computer Literacy

Once, the idea that only companies that need computer was used. Therefore, knowledge of computers was not necessary or required for the layman. The average person only needs to learn and do what their company-or. Boss said their organizational culture.

Outside of work, a (personal) computer desktop, simply the next new electronic gadgets for the home. A personal computer was for the comfort and enjoyment, and not a necessary condition of daily life.

Health Literacy

Now days, if notComputer knowledge and skills you can begin to suffer from low self-esteem, especially if young and old have these skills and knowledge to be seen.

Now find the use of computer technology in almost everything you do - all day, every day. In fact, it seems that some high-end cars, more than a little 'understanding of information technology needed to understand the operational and planning functions.

Banks and other financial institutions could soon take someActivities take place on-line (for example, to receive e-bank statement) to take, or you will pay a fee for an alternative method such as mail.

The younger you are, the more problems occur in the future, if you will not have a functioning (and growing) computer skills. Improve your skills and improve your self-esteem.

Anyone in the fifty-generation, because of life expectancy, may also have problems if notbe familiar with computers.

In addition to self-esteem and lifestyle reasons, there are two more reasons why you should be computer literate.

Mental Health:

Studying computers to stimulate and challenge your mind. Learn everything about computers in your mind a higher level of mental activity, will be applied. To strengthen brain cells and nerve connections. Therefore, to maintain a higher spiritual awareness more in your later years. VigorouslyExercise the mind, regardless of age, is necessary for long-term health of mind and for the life of a vigorous and rewarding life.

Improve your computer skills. Create the desire to learn all you can about computers. You could start by switching to a class in a Senior Center Plus or division of a local college or training college, or just want to teach. It's never too late to start.


a) The more you know about computers the more valuable you are toThe employer. Their value could lead to increased job security and, perhaps, advertising opportunities.

b) Earn an extra income to help others with their computer problems. More and more people buy computers. One trend is the growing need for home visits affordable to people (aging population) to support understanding of computers to solve a wide range of computer problems, the creation of a network of computers at home and Internet security.

Now you're done! Whether youComputer skills, for reasons of lifestyle, mental health, in order to earn money to improve your self-esteem, or for any other reason, you ultimately benefit from it. You can not miss it.

Computer Literacy

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