Saturday, September 17, 2011

Get A Job

More than one million college grads hit the job market this spring, and their prospects of finding a decent job have improved, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Hot job categories are accounting, business administration, computer science and electrical and mechanical engineering. Hot markets are Las Vegas, Phoenix, Washington, DC and Raleigh.

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But what if you aren't in one of the hot job categories or markets? You better have some other intangibles to fall back on. has surveyed employers to find out what skills they seek. The survey says, "top skills include excellent communication skills, problem solving capabilities, initiative, flexibility, and enthusiasm about the company."

Thirty-seven percent of employers say a student's major is the most important criteria, followed by interviewing skills at 25 percent. Interviewing skills translates to the ability to clearly and effectively communicate.

A study participant says employers look for soft skills that will complement the degree. According to participant Steven Jungman of ChaseSource, "While some positions we recruit for require specialized degrees in Information Technology or Engineering, when we interview Business and Liberal Arts graduates, we identify social traits and other soft skills in candidates who meet or exceed the already set forth qualifications."

A study from the 21st Century Literacy Summit says "both researchers and the business community agree: effective communication skills are essential for success in today's knowledge society."

If you want to give your recent college grad a leg up, make sure they have solid communication skills. That's the secret to success in any field and in any life endeavor.

Get A Job

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