Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reading and Literacy: Their Importance

Literacy is a very important aspect of any community. If a community has to make progress socially and economically, the key aspects required are not limited to their financial power, but more on how many people of their population are literate. Literacy improvement can take place, only when community members realize the value of education and make use of educational tools to enhance their knowledge base and use it progressive working environment.

Every country has statistics on the population's literacy percentage. This literacy percentage is expressed for men and women and can be divided according to regions, which serves as a way to understand how much of the population has advanced in terms of education and how much is still lacking of it. Literacy percentage highlights populations that have make progress in education as opposed to those who are advanced, and as a result enjoy better standard of living and enhanced work opportunities.

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The key aspects to enhancing reading and literacy percentage is emphasizing on the importance of education. If there are more school in a particular areas, there is more of an emphasis to attend school and gain education up to the secondary level. Education imparted to students at the high school level, prepares them to face work s challenges and also gives them the knowledge required to face various areas of life in general.

Emphasis on the importance of education should be spread in those communities that are lacking in the right reading and literacy percentages because it enables such communities to advance and also in course of time makes them progressive in very sphere of life. Economic progress is possible only in those areas of society where there is spread of knowledge and awareness through a good educational system. Members of the community should have an enriched lie through education as it enables people to gain better employment opportunities.

Reading and Literacy: Their Importance

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