Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Restorative Pose

Take a vacation in the middle of the day

Most of us have so many demands, things to do, pressures and challenging relationships that it is difficult for us to relax. Many of us are longing for a long overdue vacation. The restorative pose is a way to have a mini vacation several times a day.

Health Literacy

Stress has been found to be a major contributor to "disease". Almost any symptom or disease is exasperated and possibly created by stress has a When we are stressed the body contracts so that the cells do not get the nourishment and oxygen that they need. The muscles contract and can become stiff and painful. A classic example is developing a stiff and sore neck and shoulders as a result of feeling stressed. We pollute our own bodies by creating toxic chemicals when we are stressed or think negative thoughts.

The restorative pose is a way to prevent "disease"

This restorative pose is the core of a yoga system called restorative yoga. This method was developed by one of the great masters of hatha yoga whose name is Iangar. His style of yoga is strenuous and challenging. Some of the people who wanted to study with him and heal their ailments were too weak to do his style of yoga. So he developed an easy way for them to restore themselves to the point that they could do his yoga. When this pose is done regularly the body restores itself; hence the name restorative pose.

A simple way to do this pose is to put your feet up on a chair and lie on your back. The calves are sitting on the chair and the knees are at a 90-degree angle and the back is on the floor. When you rest in the position for five to ten minutes two times a day the body rejuvenates itself. With the feet up like that the blood goes to the vital organs and nerves to bath them with oxygen and nourishment .

The trick is to do it daily for weeks and months and this simple pose can yield remarkable results on how we feel and on our physical health. In the next segment we will discuss how you can enhance the power of the restorative pose for health, longevity and to release stress patterns

The Restorative Pose

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