Saturday, October 8, 2011

Setting Your Personal KPI

The concepts of the key performance indicators have been adopted not only for commerce but also for the industry and government. This is because the KPIs are generally an effective process that can be used to measure and improve the sustainable performance of the organization. The indicators are focused on the primary areas that the company needs or wants to improve on so that the organization will be able to achieve or maintain success. Some examples of the most common KPIs are those that measure customer satisfaction and the sales profits. Now, because the key performance indicators are really versatile, you can even add them to your life. With personal KPI, you can check if you are on the path to reaching your goals or if you still need to work on something.

Since humans are very much capable of improving over something whether it is on their skills or their knowledge on something, it is easy to set up a personal KPI set. However, when setting up indicators for yourself, you need to be careful. This is because some people are too keen on improving on their vocational skills and even on financial literacy. Then they realize in the end that they are leaving some important things behind. These can include their health and social relationships. Thus, they find it hard to sustain those relationships that they once had.

Health Literacy

In order to be successful, you should be able to choose the right key performance indicators for your personal use. It is easy to achieve consistent and good practice when you have a great range of private key performance indicators. What we need to discover is that there is a need for diversity in our lives. This will ensure that we will thrive, progress and contribute to the life that we will soon enjoy.

There are several personal KPI that you can choose from and one of the most used today is the attitudinal competence. This measures your ability to remain completely aware of those things that are happening around you. This also measures other capabilities including improving on beliefs, identifying the correct values, having effective emotion and choosing intentions that are based upon values. This can also gauge your time management abilities and your motivation to perform a particular task.

Another is physical competence. This will measure how effective you are in your physicality and how you are able to maintain or improve your condition at the moment. This will help you achieve excellent health state and reach appropriate fitness. If you want to measure relationship competence, there are suitable KPIs for this one. You can measure your ability to select, maintain and develop enjoyable and functional relationships as well as the way you express your love to another person.

Vocational KPIs are utilized so that you can improve your professional sills and also develop them. This is often used along with the material and financial KPIs which provide you with the ability to understand and obtain the material aspects of your own life. As you can see, personal KPI can really be beneficial for those who would like to attain their goals in life and make sure that they are successful with how they achieve those aims.

Setting Your Personal KPI

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