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How to Know If You Have Dyslexia - Get Tested For Dyslexia Today

Dyslexia is a learning disability that causes people who suffer from it to have difficulty with written language because of how the brain interprets spoken and written language. The most common symptom associated with Dyslexia is confusing the letter order of written words.

Early signs of Dyslexia

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One early sign a person might have with dyslexia is speech delay such as stuttering since many dyslexics have trouble processing spoken words they reproduce those difficulties in their own speech. Another sign of dyslexia is "immature" speech. Dyslexics can mix up sounds in words and may say "aminal" instead of "animal" or "wed" in place of "red".

Reading and spelling

More often than not people with dyslexia have the most trouble with reading and spelling because of the difficulty they have corresponding letters to sounds. Many times they will place over emphasis on a phonetic sound, writing "shud" for "should" or leave vowels out of words altogether.

Handwriting and vocabulary

Individuals with dyslexia, because of the problems they have with literacy, may have slower handwriting speed or may have poor handwriting skills causing them to form irregular shaped letters. Dyslexics will often times have a very small written vocabulary, even if they do in fact have a very large spoken vocabulary.

Getting help for Dyslexia

Because Dyslexia is a neurological deficiency only a qualified professional, such as an educational psychologist or a neurologist may accurately diagnose a person with Dyslexia.

If you believe you or someone you love suffers from this learning disability you need to get help right away. The sooner you get help, the sooner you'll be able to lead a normal life.

How to Know If You Have Dyslexia - Get Tested For Dyslexia Today

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Special Education Art Project - Making Dream Catchers

Hemi is a 175# Great Pyrenees who works with 8th graders at a Middle School in Knoxville, TN. Hemi is a H.A.B.I.T. dog who works in the Ruff Reader Program.

H.A.B.I.T. (Human-Animal Bond in Tennessee) is a program run by the University of TN College of Veterinary Medicine. The organization sponsors programs which foster pet visitation to nursing homes, assisted-living residences, retirement centers, mental health centers, residences for children with special needs, rehabilitation facilities, hospital settings, and schools. H.A.B.I.T., which was established in 1986, medically and behaviorally screens animals and trains their volunteer owners regarding pet visitations.

Health Literacy

Every Friday, Hemi patiently sits and listens to 8th graders practice their reading. The students also take turns lovingly brushing his long white fur. The fur was collected and sent out to be spun into yarn. I worked with the students for 1 week to create dream catchers, using the fur yarn. Students each created a small dream catcher for themselves and worked together to create a large one to be auctioned off to help support H.A.B.I.T. programs.

Since this was a literacy-based program, I started each day by reading a different dream catcher legend and discussing it. On the first day, students wrapped yarn around a 7" metal ring, completely covering it. On the second day, students were provided with a pattern and taught the half hitch knot to create the web. Students who mastered to technique were paired up with classmates who needed further instruction. Teaching others helped reinforce the learned skill. On the third day, students created dog themed beads with polymer clay. They used molds, cookie cutters, and clay extruders. On the fourth day, students added fringe to their dream catchers. Very little instruction was given and the students were encouraged to create their own design. Some of the kids initially did not like the lack of structure and started copying their classmates, but, by the end of the class, each was happily going his own way. It was fun to watch them decide how much fringe, length of fringe, and location of fringe. On the last day, students added the beads they had made on day three. They used a hand drill to add holes to the beads as needed. Beads were strung onto the yarn fringe using a dental floss threader and secured in place with an overhand knot.

Neatness was encouraged throughout the project. Students were taught design terms like variegated, balance, scale, symmetry and asymmetry. They also learned various knots and Native American folklore. IEP goals like listening, patience, following directions, problem solving, attention span and attempting a novel task were addressed. While working on the group project, students were required to state their design ideas and respectfully critique the ideas presented by others. The students stated they enjoyed to experience of making the dream catchers.

For more information on H.A.B.I.T., please contact them at:

H.A.B.I.T., Department of Comparative Medicine, 2407 River Drive, Knoxville, TN 37996

Tel: (865)974-5633

(I wrote this article for first publication in ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners.)

Special Education Art Project - Making Dream Catchers

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Education is Crucial in Today's Economy

All of us are experiencing the impact of the current economic implosion to some extent. Cut backs are being made at every level, from families trying to manage on tighter budgets and companies downsizing to governments locally and federally looking for areas to cut the 'pork'. However, there is one area where we simply cannot afford to cut corners in this economy, and that is on education. The importance of schools and studying in today's economy is critical, and we must not compromise on our children's' futures in order to cut costs. In this article, we'll discuss the top reasons why education is crucial in today's economy:

1. It is extremely important for maintaining our nation's Lead Role in Education. There was a time when America led the world in nearly every category among civilized nations. America was at the forefront in healthcare provision, per capita income, and excellence of education. Our capitalist, democratic society supported the supposition that everyone is created equal and deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in life. In terms of education, the results were apparent in standardized tests scores achieved by the nation's children, and in high rates of literacy and high school graduation. The American system of free and public education exemplified all that this nation stood for. However, statistics show that this nation has been slipping in terms of educational success, with increasing drop out rates and lower standardized test scores compared to other nations. It is tempting to consider cuts in education as a means of reducing the federal deficit. Yet this would be completely counterproductive to repairing what is broken in the marketplace today.

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2. Education supports innovation. The importance of schools and studying in today's economy is vital because it will take the contributions of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, supplied by this nation's universities and technical and trade schools, to revitalize the economy. Innovations in alternate fuels and life-saving medical techniques are just a couple of instances where education plays a huge role in supplying the talent needed. Now is not the time to sacrifice and compromise on funding schools.

3. College Cost vs. Benefits. With the costs of a college education rising just as families are feeling the financial crunch and struggling to stay afloat, it is tempting to think that higher education is a luxury we just can't afford. But the truth is, a college or trained technical or occupational education has never been more crucial. In the competitive marketplace we're experiencing, those with the best skills and top credentials will still be able to carve out a living and a place in the market. Those who lack education and training may find themselves counted in the growing numbers who are jobless and without hope.

In conclusion, don't let anyone argue against the importance of schools and studying in today's economy. From our current president's tales of being awakened as a young child at dawn by his mother each morning to study for the school day ahead, an important lesson can be learned. Education is still our best hope, and in our lifetimes, most of us have never been in a situation where hope was so desperately needed.

Why Education is Crucial in Today's Economy

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tips On How To Write Selection Criteria Answers

Selection Criteria are the specifications of the role that employers reckon with when they are recruiting for a government position. These criteria are listed in the government job advertisement and accompanying documentation. These describe the level of skills, experience, attitudes and knowledge required in performing a specific role well. When an individual applies for a government job, his application is matched according to the criteria required for that position.

Therefore, when applying for a government job, it is important to know how to make an application. The elements of the criteria help and work on this. An answer to all questions is the first necessary requirement if the application is being made for government positions within the Australian State Local Government, or a federal government job. Many of the graduate recruitment program applications nowadays make use of criteria for selection process.

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They are a method of recruitment, to find a right person suitable for that job. The selection criterion set down by the various organizations or government departments that are doing the recruiting are matched against every applicant. The statutory authorities, government funded agencies and all government levels use this method primarily for recruitment. Although it was the government employers who were the initiators of the formal criteria list, several private sector employers are now following in their lead.

Selection Criteria examples involve effective teamwork skills, well-developed time management competency, high level of computer literacy, and Occupational Health and Safety Awareness. You may have a perfect resume along with a very brilliant cover letter, but if this itself is not mentioned, then its good to forget about the job. It leads to an unusual situation. The best selection criteria examples writer becomes successful when applying for government positions, and not necessarily the best candidate available. Therefore, there is writer software that helps the candidate prepare Selection Criteria Examples responses in the best possible manner.

The writer's package helps us in dealing with unusual things such as to make sure that the answers satisfy the interview panel, wording real life practical examples, saving time when gathering the information needed, following correct formatting and layout, using appropriate language and terminology, you know you are capable of doing the job, but are unsure about the process. Several Selection Criteria Examples are included along with step-by-step tools to help addressing the criteria. It helps to easily and quickly creates cover letters, resumes and selection criteria responses. Its a simple type and click software system using many templates.

Tips On How To Write Selection Criteria Answers

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Three Secrets You Aren't Supposed To Know

Are there really secrets that you aren't supposed to know? There are, but let's look at what a "secret" is. It isn't something that nobody knows, after all. In fact, anyone can learn almost anything on the internet today with enough time. But the fact that this information is available doesn't mean that you have it.

Secrets, then, are simply pieces of knowledge that most people don't have, and which some people try to hide or to keep others from knowing. This secret information may be out there and available to you, but it won't be easy to find. Here are a few examples.

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Credit Card Secrets

Did you know that some credit card companies have been changing the due dates on statements without warning? Oh, the date is right there for you to read, but they know that you get used to paying the bill at the same time every month. Some people will pay late due to the changed date, and that means more money in late fees and interest. Obviously, you aren't supposed to know this.

Did you know that on the same credit cards from the same bank, some people are paying an annual fee and others are not? You might think that because it says right there in black and white that the annual fee is , that everyone pays it, but it isn't so. If you are a good customer, and threaten to get rid of the card, the company will probably get rid of the fee. But you have to ask. I have had a fee dropped many times just by calling and asking. If they won't drop the fee, I cancel the card. I never pay fees for credit cards, and there are plenty of cards without fees.

Medical Secrets

I had a lump on the side of my nose many years ago. It had been there, slowly growing, for at least six years. A doctor said he wasn't sure if it was cancerous or could become so. Further tests would be needed, which I declined. Instead, I opted for a natural substance which I had read about in an alternative health newsletter. I bought this oil for six dollars at a health food store and applied a drop to the growth each morning. In six weeks the growth was gone, and it has never returned.

It took six dollars and six weeks to get rid of a growth that had been there for six years. Now, who do you suppose doesn't want you to know about these kinds of secrets? The medical profession in general, perhaps, but the pharmaceutical companies in particular. You aren't supposed to know about natural cures because they have no good way to profit off of them.

You see, unlike a new drug or medicine, a natural product cannot be patented, so anyone can sell it. That makes it tough to have much of a profit margin, or to spend millions on advertising, when you'll then just go buy it from a cheaper source. This is why we are seeing calls for regulation of natural products, including vitamin pills. It isn't the consumers who want "protection" from the "dangers" of vitamins and herbs. It is the companies that have to compete against these cheaper alternatives.

Television News Secret

You probably have noticed how frivolous the news has become. Chances are, more than once you have sat there watching the evening news and thinking, "There must be something more important than this to report on." It really isn't a secret that the networks are more inclined to entertain than to inform you with news.

What is more of a secret is that not all news broadcasts are that way. In other parts of the world, you actually get important news that you never hear about here. In fact, even CNN has more than one type of programming. Here in the United States, we get the fluff. But when I was in South America, I watched CNN International, and their was a big difference. I actually learned about what was going on all over the world. It still wasn't great reporting, but it was far above CNN's domestic broadcast in quality.

Why? Perhaps we want the fluff, and so they give it to us. Apparently, it isn't tolerated as well in other places. Also, perhaps we aren't supposed to know these secrets of television news, of differing coverage. I don't suppose the news networks want to advertise the fact that we get fed the worst coverage of world news.

Three Secrets You Aren't Supposed To Know

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bedwetting - The "3" Avenue Approach - An Approach That Works - Hypnosis!

Having a child who wets their bed can be heartbreaking to not only the child but to the parents also. Hypnosis is a technique that can help with both the emotional and physical. We know that the alarms don't seem to work and wearing diapers can be traumatic in of itself for the child. Isolation is another common problem that happens when there are sleepovers that the child cannot attend.

There are three avenues in dealing with this problem with hypnosis.

Health Literacy

1) Investigate subconscious emotional reason

Once establishing the child into trance, you are able to investigate if there are any emotional reasons that are contributing to this problem. You can use various methods you have been taught such as "Wise Mind" , regression, questioning for secondary gain or perhaps part therapy. Perhaps, there has been some emotional trauma that can be showing up as bed wetting symptoms.

2) Dealing with with purely physical

In dealing with the purely "physical" part of what is going on, I like to use the idea of a "Magic Flashlight". Children love magic! Take the child to their control room of their mind ( where the running or reading or coloring controls are etc.). Have them find their bladder control and with the magic flashlight see what needs to be fixed and fix it.

3) Changing the way the brain sends messages

The next avenue, is concentrating on changing the way the brain sends messages. Use the idea of pointing out that we can run faster and jump higher and now we are going to help the brain send signals to that part of the bladder to hold tight!! You can use the idea of a lever or knob or whatever works. Let the child know that his brain is still learning and it will happen one of these days. He will wake up dry. And it will happen more and more !

Bedwetting - The "3" Avenue Approach - An Approach That Works - Hypnosis!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Good Pageant Platforms: How to Choose One and Make a Difference

What is a pageant platform? How do I choose a good pageant platform? Can you give me some pageant platform ideas, examples or topics?

A pageant platform is a cause that a contestant chooses to volunteer her time to either bring awareness to, raise money, or implement a program she has created that will help address the problem.

Health Literacy

There are so many needs in the world today that finding a cause you feel passionate about in your community is just a matter of looking around or talking with a few business leaders. In our society, the media and public are drawn to people who hold titles or have celebrity status. As a title holder, you can use this to your advantage to get your message out in a bigger way if you're prepared.

"Don't ever question the value of volunteers. Noah's Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals"-Unknown.

Occasionally I'll encounter a person who has the attitude of 'I'm only one person. I can't make a difference. Besides, I don't have the time, money or education to make things happen'. Okay, you might not; however, you know people who do. And those people know different people who know other people. They're just waiting for you to ask them for their help. You don't need to micro manage or run the entire project by yourself. Just make the mission and needs known to people.

There is strength in numbers and the more people you can include in your plans, the better.

Think of a candle light service you've been to. It starts with one candle in a dark space. Then, one by one, the flame is passed along until the entire area is a blazing light. Most of the time people aren't even aware of a particular need in their community. All it takes is one person speaking at a function, or a single newspaper article, to spark the fire needed to begin the change.

In choosing a good pageant platform, follow Stephen Covey's advice "Begin with the end in mind."

What is the specific result you want to achieve? Is it to raise ,000 for a new piece of safety equipment for your local fire station? Or is it to start your own foundation? The key to choosing a platform that will inspire you is the depth of personal experience you have with it. There must be a deep seeded reason why you want to spend countless hours serving a particular project. Maybe you've lost a loved one, or a family pet. That event moved you to want to reach others who are experiencing the same pain. Maybe you want to prevent a problem from happening. Maybe you've experienced something so wonderful, or painful, that you want others to know about it so they can either join you in your joy, or avoid the pain.

Either way, it starts with looking inside and listening to your heart- not your head.

We take action when we are emotionally charged, not because something is logical and makes sense.

Here is just a beginning list of ideas, examples and topics from the last two years of Miss America contestants that might spark your interest in looking for your pageant platform.
March of Dimes International Travel to Become Global Citizens Drowning Prevention/Water Safety Boys and Girls Club of America Girl Scouts of America 4-H Helping Hand for America's Seniors (visiting nursing home residents) Eating Disorder Education and Awareness Global Awareness National Alopecia Areata Foundation Preventive Medical Care Bullying Scoliosis Awareness Volunteerism Susan G. Komen Foundation Preventing Domestic Violence Mentoring Girls Inc. AIDS Awareness Homelessness Prevention and Awareness Support of the Arts Connecting the Generations Positive Body Image Fighting Childhood Hunger Raising Awareness of Human Trafficking Acknowledging the good in your neighbors and neighborhood Organ Donation Asthma Awareness Prevention of Underage Drinking Cancer Prevention through Overall Wellness Literacy/Read Across America Equality Cancer Research Youth Leadership Development Character Development Child Exploitation Consequences of Peer Pressure Children's Miracle Network Dangers of Distracted Driving/ Texting While Driving Dress for Success Dropout Prevention Autism Speaks Citizenship Running for Public Office Dance: Movement Towards Better Health Building Positive Self-Image Heart Health & Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Care for animals Internet/social media safety Recycle/ Environmental Green projects Second Harvest Food Bank Obesity

Good Pageant Platforms: How to Choose One and Make a Difference

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Emerging Trends in Medical Device Software Company

The health-care sector is emerging as a hot business in terms of investment in the field of Information Technology. Most of the software companies look to tap this opportunity to the fullest. Till a few years back, the healthcare sector was lagging behind but now, as per the emerging trend, IT sector has shown a tremendous interest in the healthcare market.

The IT world has sped up and integrated the full range of available clinical, operational and financial section of the health departments or private hospitals and is also working to improve the work lives of clinicians, executives, and staffers by making things run smoother and simpler.

Health Literacy

Many companies are outsourcing FDA compliance software solution for medical devices. These companies are also challenged to meet the quality assurance. These companies develop devices, such as Glucometers, Activity Monitors, Pedometers, Weight Scales, Pill Bottles and Thermometers.

Medical software is an important branch of software engineering. These medical devices are used either for monitoring or controlling patients. Medical devices are frequently regulated and must comply with local and regional laws. These include the Medical Devices Directive and Food and Drug Administration. They are focused on regulatory oversight on medical device software development process and system-level testing.

The latest emerging trend followed by custom software development companies providing software development services related to medical devices is to revolutionize home and self care health systems, making it possible for people to play a greater role in maintaining their own health. This is the fastest growing segment of the medical device industry.

The revolution in home and self care health system brings convenience in time and travel and reduced health-care costs. It will teach people to monitor themselves with gizmos that give timely warnings of illness so that they can turn to their physicians early. For doctors, it could mean more efficient and effective health care driven by patients who take greater responsibility for their own health.

Another hot trend is Clinical Decision Support system (CDS). This system is an interactive decision support system, which is designed to assist physicians and other health professionals in determining diagnosis of patient data.

Apart from having number of advantages, there are some disadvantages also associated with the growing trends in medical device software industry. These trends in medical device design can also create problems which can lead to errors because consumers can become easily confused using devices at home. This risky behavior can arise due to lifestyle changes, such as changes in diet or physical activity, or less attention to monitoring their health condition due to over-reliance on the device. Once the user becomes accustomed to a device, he fails to follow the procedures and takes shortcuts when a specific technique is critical, or does not communicate with health professionals as often as they should, hence leading to trouble.

The capability of patients to control and understand the function of a medical device is very important, for example, some sort of medical training and experience should be given and encouraged. Also, other factors like language barriers, literacy, memory, learning ability, dexterity, vision, and hearing should be taken care-off. Many difficulties regarding the usage of certain devices can be caused by advanced age factor, medications, or the actual medical condition that requires use of a product. Thus, focus should be solely on to ensure that consumers are able to operate the device efficiently and safely along with well- maintenance of the device.

Using new medical devices give people feeling of security when managing their health but at the same time, users must remember to keep in regular contact with their health-care providers. Thus, medical device domain is the key growth for the medical device software development companies.

Emerging Trends in Medical Device Software Company

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Lecturer Jobs in Oman

Oman is an Arab country in Southwest Asia, bordered by UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Being the second largest state of Gulf, it is one of the fastest growing economies of the region. The economy of Oman is based on oil reserves but the government is aiming at diversifying it by generating job opportunities in other sectors. For instance, lecturer jobs in Oman are on a rise pertaining to government's initiative of promoting education in the country.

Education in Oman is free of cost up to the secondary levels and there are various initiatives being taken to combat adult illiteracy. The government has been making huge investments by spending nearly 5% of GDP along with 26% of total government spending on the education of its citizens. According to Human Development Report, 2006, the literacy rate in adults i.e. above 15 is around 82% and in youth i.e. between 15 to 24 is more than 97%.

Health Literacy

The primary and secondary education is well managed in Oman but higher education began barely 25 years ago in 1986. Students were earlier sent to neighboring countries like UAE, Egypt, Jordon, Kuwait and even UK and America to pursue higher education. In order to cater to the manpower requirement of the country, various universities and special colleges are being set up increasingly. They aim at both teaching the aspiring students and preparing the teachers to impart education in various sectors like IT, Law, Banking, Healthcare and others.

The first private college in Oman was established in 1994 and the number has been growing ever since. Most of these colleges focus on subjects related to business administration and computer sciences. The medium of language is mainly English as they are usually affiliated with European, Australian or American institutions. The colleges in Oman mostly offer graduate degrees with progress being made on post graduate and doctorate levels. Some of the universities in Oman include Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat University, Rustaq Education College, College of Applied Sciences (CAS) and other technology and medical colleges.

Lecturers or professors are the people in academic institutions who impart subject knowledge to the students as well as lead and supervise research groups. The usage of the term lecturer may differ invariably depending on the country but is interchangeable with instructors in Oman. Lecturer jobs in Oman are growing in numbers as government is trying to expand the reach of the sector. Oman is trying to be self sufficient at least in regards to academics so that students do not have to move out to pursue higher education. Until recently, there were hardly any provisions for students willing to study till post graduate and doctorate levels. But, lot of progress has been made and with more colleges coming up, the demand for lecturers has also risen. Lecturer jobs in Oman are on a rise and inviting applications from qualified and experienced candidates across all fields. Some of the fields for lecturer jobs in Oman are:
Mechanical engineer, data management, interior design, international business, advertising, networking, graphic design, hospitality management, IT security, tourism management, office management, computer engineer, human resource management, microbiology, animation, apparel merchandising, economics, marketing, e-commerce and many more.

Jobs in Oman in academic field are available for counselors, teachers, lecturers, assistant lecturers, senior lecturers and head lecturers. If you possess an expert knowledge and experience in any of the fields, you can apply for the lecturer jobs in Oman. Lectureship is a respected field in Oman and is growing rapidly to meet the needs of the modern world and the emerging service sector. Lecturers are paid quite well.

Lecturer Jobs in Oman

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Link Between Video Games and Obesity

I am sure by now that you are well aware that video games are some of the most popular activities with children. In fact not only children but adults of all ages play these games. However what you may not be aware of is the fact that there is a definite link between video games and obesity.

What are some of the reasons behind this theory?

Health Literacy

• It is a sedentary activity: playing video games does not require much physical activity. In the old days kids did far more physical activities. They used to spend a large part of their day outside playing with friends. Now the scene has changed and they spend most of their free time playing video games. This means that you kid is taking far less exercise and burning less calories.

• It is all absorbing: Once you start to play a video game it is hard to put it down and do something else. You just get so absorbed into the game that time just flies and before you know it you have spent several hours just playing the game. This makes it difficult to focus on other activities.

• Takes a long time to complete: Games now a days are in fact designed to last longer and be more challenging so this just means that you are sitting for long periods of time, not taking any exercise.

• Encourages snacking: because gamers get caught up in the game they find it hard to break away and eat meals. This results in more snacking, usually on junk food and sodas. Because of this more calories are being taken in and less burned which results in weight gain.

What is the solution?

• Restrict timings: however unpopular it may be you have to set limits on how long your child can play video games or computer games. I used to do this with the TV when my children where small. They had a limited time for watching TV and then they had to go out and play. When you start this when a child is young they will get into the habit of playing for shorter periods.

• Offer more active play time: Get your child interested in some outside activities. Young children often like gardening or sports. Older children will often continue with sports. You can get them involved with the YMC or even activities at school.

• Do more family activities: family activities are good. You can take your family on hikes or cycling expeditions. Outings to the Zoo and other places involve quite a bit of walking and will get your child away from the video games for awhile. If all else fails you can take out a membership at a gym and exercise as a family unit.

There is certainly a link between video games and obesity. However as a responsible parent if you recognize this at an early age you will prevent a lot of problems in the future and can also prevent weight gain in your child. Your child will still enjoy their video games but will not be obsessed with them.

The Link Between Video Games and Obesity

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Administrative Assistant CVs - How to Write Them Effectively

Because of the competitive nature of job markets, a single application for an administrative assistant position can draw hundreds of applicants. As a result, employers typically scan resumes in mere seconds, usually about thirty seconds. For this reason, your administrative assistant CV must have all the right features that will encourage the reader to read through your resume. Typically, badly written CVs end up in the bin so it is vital to avoid the pitfalls when writing your own administrative assistant resume.

You should write your administrative assistant CV in 2 pages. This should be sufficient for you to highlight relevant administrative skills, expertise, experience and qualifications. If you have been in an administrative position for a considerable period of time and have taken up positions with increasing responsibility, you may require more than 2 pages to fully document your career. This is acceptable so long as the information is relevant.

Health Literacy

When compiling your administrative assistant CV, keep the layout and format simple so that the presentation is easy on the eye. Your CV should be written in black with Arial or Times Roman font and size 10 or 12 for the content. Your heading should be written in size 14 or 16 and the document should be consistent both in layout, font style and size.

It is important that the reader understand your career goal quickly from your resume. You should therefore start your CV with a persuasive profile briefly detailing your background in administration and your objective. Your professional profile should be kept to a short paragraph of no more than 3 or 4 sentences. Your introductory professional profile statement should be followed by a bulleted list of your key skills relevant to administrative job positions. The list should contain no more than 8 short lines. If you are entering an administrative position for the first time, then your key skills should include relevant transferable skills such as attention to detail, organizational skills and ability to work accurately under pressure. Your key skills summary should typically include the following:

A methodical approach to work Your organizational skills Your ability to work proactively within a team setting Your ability to work effectively on your own initiative Good communication and interpersonal skills Sound computer skills and competent typing ability Your attention to detail and ability to work accurately Ability to work to deadlines and work effectively under pressure

If you are entering an administrative post with no previous experience, perhaps because you are a recent graduate, then you should add details of your education and training before your work experience, highlighting areas that are directly applicable to your remit in administration such as English, numerical qualifications and computer literacy certifications. If on the other hand you have amassed previous experience as an administrator, then your professional work experience should precede your education and qualifications. When presenting your work experience, try to describe the skills you used in your remits and how the position helped you hone those skills further, along with other skills you acquired within the post.

Your CV should be written in the third person with minimal use of "I" in your document. Also, always mention dates, names of employers and names of educational institutions attended. You should also highlight achievements and other significant results that bear relevance to a position in administration.

Administrative Assistant CVs - How to Write Them Effectively

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Understanding the Credit Card Industry

You are eligible to apply for a credit card if you are 18 years of age and have a standard source of income. In countries like US, the lenders ask the credit bureau for your credit report and run a check through your credit profile to check if you have outstanding bills, loans or mortgage on your account. They make their credit decision after going through your credit file.

In countries like US, a consumer is considered to be low-risk if he or she lives in their own home and/or are in a profession for at least two years. Such a person attracts a low rate of interest for his credit card. A person who has outstanding dues to pay or does not have a fixed source of income may be eligible for a credit card but at a high rate of interest.

Health Literacy

However the scenario is different in India, an upcoming economic superpower in Asia. Indian banks have been charging equal rates of interest for credit cardholders regardless of the payment history, economic status or credit profile. However the application of 'different' rates of interest based on credit history and source of income is gaining ground in India. In future, it looks that the provisions for application of interest on credit cards will be the same as in US. The average rate of interest on a credit card in the US is 13-14 percent per annum while in India, it is 33-34 percent.

What the card holder should know

According to the Truth in Lending Disclosure, (TILA) implemented by Federal Reserve (US) in 1988, it is important for consumers to know the cost and terms of credit. This means that the information in a credit card agreement should be in a comprehensible, easy to read and easy to compare manner so that consumers can make an informed decision.

It is important for the consumer to go through the terms and conditions of the credit. He or she should also find out the annual fees of the card and do a comparative analysis. There are some credit companies that charge annual fees and there are others that do not.

Every credit card company gives value added features like Billing Dispute Resolution, Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty, Fraud Early Warning, Accident Insurance, and Insurance of loss of luggage and many other features. There are even issuers that provide credit for low promotional rates or even zero percent interest rate. The idea is to promote the card and make the card holder make good use of the card. Till the time of promotion, the credit card holder has to pay meager or no interest on the outstanding balances.

How you can use it to your advantage?

If you are quick on your payments and do not exceed the credit limit, you can call the credit card customer service wing and negotiate for a lower interest rate. If you've been a good credit history and relationship with the company, they will definitely oblige.

You can also call up the company and ask for a late fee waiver. In case, you are incorrectly charged, you can also get credit as a good will gesture. You can also ask for a credit line increase. Not to mention benefits like value added features, insurance protection, merchandise dispute protection and cash back offers. However all of these are marketing tactics for you to buy the plastic money and use it. However it is important to use it sensibly. Financial experts state that your credit payments should not exceed 15 percent of your net take-home salary.

Now you do not need to wait in line,for days on end, for your credit card application, to be approved. You can apply for it online too. Some of the best deals in online credit cards are available with major players like:

Please note that the brands given below are all exceptional and popular in their own right. The brands given below are not ranked in order of importance.As a prospective customer, you can click on the links and make a cost-comparative evaluation to decide which one offers the best terms of credit that is tailored to your interest. The listings of these brands is just to make your life simple and make it easy for y0u to check, compare and apply for credit card online from one place rather than go to different websites.

Understanding the Credit Card Industry

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to Manage Your 6-12 Year Old's Atypical Behavior

When we talk about atypical behavior, we are discussing behaviors that are considered to by outside of the normal range. Usually atypical behaviors involves you child saying or doing things that make him or her stand out among other children. Even though there are many "quirky" behaviors that children show around others, it is important to understand when your 6-12 year old's behavior is more than that.

For example if you child is depressed, his or her depression will be more than just the "typical" moments of sadness, crying, or irritably that many children show. You will see a loss in pleasure and/or joy in things that used to love. And, I'm not talking about changes in "tastes" that children have from time to time. Depression is more complicated than that.

Health Literacy

Another atypical behavior is autism. This behavior will most likely be seen at an earlier age, but this is not always the case. This can potentially hold your child back socially and possibly in academic progression. With higher functioning autism, some children may even be able to attend school normally.

Another atypical behavior can be displayed in some sort acts of violence towards animals. Many children with conduct disorder first start off their atypical behaviors by acting overly aggressive or violent to smaller animals.

Even though these behaviors listed above are atypical behaviors, just keep in mind that your child needs to know you love them no matter what. If necessary, set up an appointment psychiatrist or therapist, or both to help your child through these difficult times. As you work with your mental health provider, always provide structure. This will communicate to your child no matter what they are special to you.

How to Manage Your 6-12 Year Old's Atypical Behavior

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Best Practice Workplace Health & Well actuality Strategies

Best Practice Workplace Health and Well being Strategies

What do workplaces have in common when it comes to demonstrating best practice in their health and well being initiatives?

Health Literacy

They demonstrate an outstanding commitment to understanding employees' health and well being needs and provide innovative, highly targeted and accessible initiatives. Their holistic programs focus on physical and psychological health, work/life balance and financial well being. A strategic approach and effective evaluation of programs have lead to increasingly innovative and successful health and wellbeing initiatives.

Benefits to individuals and workplaces

The benefits of these programs to individuals and to the organisations are manifold.

Ive found individual cases of potentially life saving interventions as well as evidence of positive lifestyle changes in areas such as work and life balance, exercise, fitness, nutrition and weight reduction.

Benefits to workplaces include:

positive impacts on retention, recruitment and engagement; decreases in stress claims, loss time injury, workers compensation claims and absenteeism; enhanced reputation; staff feeling proud to be part of these organisations.

Creating an Award winning initiative

A great example of an organisation with an outstanding health & well being program is Greenslopes Private Hospital (GPH).

The GPH Wellness Centre was launched in 2003, providing employees with a facility to improve their health and well being. In 2005, the hospital launched a new "WorkLife@GPH" initiative, encompassing Human Resources (HR), Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Learning and Development, Greenslopes Wellness Program, Social Club and Library. This was designed to provide a more coordinated and collaborative approach to organisational wellness.

"With an increasingly competitive employment marketplace, and nursing shortage, increasing flexibility of work practices and the GPH wellness program were implemented as a key recruitment and retention strategy.

Other drivers included corporate social responsibility, an aging workforce, work intensification, increasing workers compensation costs, work life expectations, and 'walking the talk' as a health care organisation" explains Renae Long, GPH Human Resources Manager.

Long says "At GPH we have a comprehensive range of options for changing lifestyles and family demands. As we are a Hospital and as such operate 24/7 our staff has the option of tailored work hours to suit their family, educational and lifestyle commitments."

GPH provides an extensive range of flexible work practices and well being options. These include an EAP program, gym, child care on site, many professional development opportunities, external education grants and scholarships for staff, the introduction of a recognition and rewards system, paid maternity leave provisions, support for financial wellness, a subsidised staff bistro providing healthy meal options, internet access via personal workstation or bistro IT booths, and many many, more initiatives.

Renae Long from GPH says "the benefits of our initiatives for employees include improved health and well being, job satisfaction, work life balance, productivity and financial literacy and retirement planning. This provides our staff with employment satisfaction and is supported by our increasing retention rates."

Leadership, management commitment and employee engagement are key to the success of well being programs. This commitment and engagement require role modelling by senior management, consultation, on-going education, sophisticated facilitated dialogue and program evaluation.

Best Practice Workplace Health & Well actuality Strategies

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Employees with money problems are like sharks swimming around the workplace taking bites out of the bottom line." - E Thomas Garman, Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation

Last week we looked at some poor money habits that can cause you to feel distressed about your finances. These practices include spending more than you earn, not saving for emergencies, depending on credit for consumer purchases, not planning for financial goals and taking unwise investing risks.

Health Literacy

Research has shown that people with money problems usually end up being tense, worried and depressed. The Centre for Financial Social Work has stated that "money issues are the greatest stressor in peoples' lives." Financial distress can actually lead to insomnia, high blood pressure, migraines and other serious health concerns.

While it's clear that people's money challenges impair their personal lives, it may not be that obvious that these troubles can negatively impact the workplace. What happens when financially challenged people go to work? Do they leave their money worries at home?

Money Distress At Work

The reality is that employees' personal financial problems will spill over into the workplace. This results in several negative implications which eventually lead to lower profits for businesses:
Absenteeism - studies show that financially stressed workers use more sick leave and are absent from work more often;

'Presenteeism' - although employees are at work, they spend time on activities unrelated to their jobs such as talking to creditors. The Integrated Benefits Institute has declared that presenteeism can account for three times more lost work time than absenteeism;

Health concerns - unhealthy workers produce lower quantity and quality of work and bring higher health insurance costs;

Work conflicts - tardiness, incomplete work tasks and accidents result when workers' personal issues interfere with their jobs;

Dissatisfaction and lack of commitment - studies show that financially distressed workers are less satisfied with their pay regardless of the amount they make; their disenchantment with work can lead to lack of pride in their jobs and negative feelings about employers.

How can employers address the various problems that financially distressed employees bring to the workplace?

The Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation (PFEEF), a non-profit organisation that educates employers on the benefits of workplace financial education, declares that companies should provide basic financial training for their employees to help change their money behaviours and increase their financial literacy.

Financial Education At Work

Some employers believe that their workers' financial issues should not be their concern. However, PFEEF has carried out extensive research that proves that these problems pose a serious risk to company profitability. PFEEF studies have also measured the return on investment attained from workplace financial education at 3:1.

Another reason for companies to offer this assistance is that responsible employers should be the stewards of their workers' well-being. Providing financial education will show employees that the company cares about them, and this will help to recruit and retain quality staff.

Financial challenges can be a pervasive problem, as changing negative financial habits takes time. Since many people spend most of their time at work, it is the best place to accomplish this. A 2000 Fannie Mae Study confirmed, "Workplace financial education is the venue for reaching most people."

However, providing meaningful financial education can be challenging for employers. Firstly, it may be difficult to determine the true underlying causes of employee distress. Some persons may hide their problems due to shame or ignorance, and employers may even face resistance from the workers who need it most.

Another problem is that many human resource practitioners lack knowledge of the correct procedures to address their employees' financial issues. In fact, some of those who should be assisting are also facing financial challenges.

Designing A Financial Wellness Programme

There are several steps to starting a financial education programme in the workplace. Employees must firstly be sensitised about the need for this assistance, and employers should get buy-in from trade unions and associations to promote it as a worthwhile employee benefit. Ongoing research should also be conducted to gauge its effects on the bottom line and employee well-being.

A comprehensive financial wellness programme should include carrying out assessments to ascertain the financial education needs of the employees, offering financial presentations and workshops on company time, and retaining financial counsellors for confidential individual coaching. Longer-term strategies should consist of training of human resource personnel to assist workers with financial problems, and developing structured financial wellness company policies.

Financial education programmes will bring tremendous improvements in employee well-being. Participants will learn how to make better financial choices and carry out appropriate strategies to improve their finances and achieve their goals; they will want to continue learning more about money; and they will feel less stressed and unsure about their financial situation.

Copyright © 2009 Cherryl Hanson Simpson.

Financial Wellness in the Workplace

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Importance of Reading

In today's world we receive so much information via radio, television and multimedia experiences yet none of these avenues has the ability to educate as the fundamental skill of reading.

When examining how well a nation is doing and how likely its economic situation is improve so often the literacy rate is included. Often this figure is a reflection not only of educational levels but has a follow on effect of economic power, government administration, corruption and health. When this figure is low the country is more likely to be an economic backwater, government is likely to be poor or a dictatorship, corruption widespread and a lack of universities, doctors and other experts. When one looks at countries in the African continent often the literacy rate is a good reflection of quality of lifestyle.

Health Literacy

Countries that have recently experience improving economic fortunes have increased their populations education level.

The easiest way to educate any problem is to teach them the skill of reading. If you can read you have open to you a world of knowledge. It was true in Abraham Lincoln's day when he said he taught himself through reading as did many other early American pioneers. Although they were often in difficult situations their ability to read meant they could educate themselves to overcome problems.

Even in this day of multimedia reading is still the most essential skill to acquire knowledge. The internet has meant that information is freely available to anyone who can log on. However to absorb, teach and learn that information and apply reading is required. With the advent of websites and ebooks reading has continued to increase in importance.

What reading are you doing?

The Importance of Reading

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Task Analysis - An Approach to Improving Literacy and Numeracy

A child experiencing a learning disability in the area of reading can face a great deal of frustration and low self-esteem regarding his or her academic abilities. The skill to physically read words and comprehend their meaning in any subject area is vital. Whether the student is studying language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, or another major subject, reading is necessary to fully absorb the concept. Unfortunately, the term "dyslexia" is a label often used to encompass a wide spectrum of reading difficulties.

This misconception stems from an erroneous link to the medical condition "dyslexia" as a means finding a cause for a child's reading issues. Due to the complexity of finding a cause for a reading disability, recent educational research has shifted toward locating the instructional difficulty that the child is experiencing. An instructional difficulty can be defined as "a problem acquiring or maintaining required skills in critical areas, such as language arts, spelling, mathematics ...etc." Creating an effective solution to an instructional difficulty can alleviate anxiety and boost confidence as the student improves in his or her academic environment.

Health Literacy

In previous years, the lack of skills or "skill deficit" in the area of reading was remediated through instruction catering to individual differences. The popular approaches were the "clinical model," focusing on issues with a student's disability, and the "psychological model," focusing on the academic strengths of a student. As an alternative to both types of remediation, the task analytic approach is centered on a sequence of tasks to be taught in a specified manner with constant feedback on student progress, rather than a student's learning disability.

It is similar to an outline. The set of tasks, created for the student to meet a long term goal or objective, is built on a hierarchy of steps. It moves from general to specific. The logical nature of task analysis allows instruction to follow a guideline or set of tasks with short term goals throughout the instructional plan. These smaller goals help the student achieve success and build confidence, as they work toward the long term goal.

As teachers formulate the instructional plan, they not only consider the necessary skills to be taught to reach the long term goal, but they must also incorporate quantifiable methods for measuring student achievement. Task analysis requires teachers to create logical and concrete ways to measure a student's success at each point in the instructional plan. If a student has not performed well on the evaluation or mastered the skill, then further practice is required until the student masters the specific skill or subskill.

Subskills are smaller skills to help students reach short term goals. Students are not measured against the performance of other students, but on their ability to meet the tasks created for them. The assessments are based on whether or not the student can perform the skill. Continuous evaluation allows the teacher to measure student progress in a precise manner and on a daily basis. With the individualized nature of task analysis, each child is permitted to practice a skill at his or her own rate until mastery occurs. Mastery is reached when a student's response is accurate and timely.

Although the instructional plan and the evaluation process are very specific and task oriented, teacher involvement is an essential part of the approach. The teacher creates the sequenced instructional plan based on expertise, experience, and interaction with the student. He or she decides which tasks are essential for the student to achieve the long and short term goals, and the necessary proficiency level.

Teachers, utilizing a task analysis approach, incorporate certain techniques in their programmed sequence of lessons, such as motivational factors to inspire and maintain a student's attention, and clearly presented tasks for a student to complete. They also offer opportunities for student participation, and provide teacher feedback to the student. Reaching a mastery level for any set of skills or tasks is aided by a teacher's positive influence on a student through incentives, rewards, positive reinforcement ...etc. Verbal praise and academic success are major motivators. An organized and precise instructional plan coupled with a dedicated teacher results in student success.

The task analysis approach is geared toward individualized instruction and continuous assessment. In the area of reading, the approach is used to remedy difficulties through small, logical steps leading to a general goal. Many students feel defeated when they are unable to achieve success in the classroom. By conquering smaller tasks, a student gains confidence in his or her ability. Constant evaluation with each subskill, keeps the teacher abreast on student progress. Mastering each sequenced step provides a solid foundation for the overall instructional goal. The task analysis approach is utilized in literacy as a logic-based remediation method to improve reading skills as well as provide tools for student success.

Task Analysis - An Approach to Improving Literacy and Numeracy

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Donating Hair to Charity

If you have long hair and are thinking about getting it cut off then why not think about donating it to a charity? Donating your locks is an easy way to support a worthy charity. Before cutting off your long hairdo you will need to do some research. There are many charities which will gladly accept your donation. Some of the better known charities include:

PANTENE BEAUTIFUL LENGTHS - Pantene will turn your donation into a wig for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. There are some requirements for donation though:
* Hair must be 8" long and in a pony tail. You need to measure from just about the ponytail to the ends. Wavy and curly hair may be straightened to measure.
* Hair needs to be freshly washed and free of any styling products.
* Hair must have no more than 5% gray hairs.
* Hair can not be bleached or permanently colored or chemically treated.

Health Literacy

LOCKS OF LOVE - This wonderful charity will turn your donation into a wig for a child suffering from a long term medical hair loss. I have donated my hair several times to this wonderful charity. Requirements are as follows:
* Hair must be 10" long in a pony tail.
* Gray hair may be donated but it will not be used to make kids wigs instead it will be sold and the proceeds will be used to offset their manufacturing costs. So donating gray hair does help!
* Hair can not be bleached.
* Hair CAN be permanently colored or permed.

MATTER OF TRUST - This is a great program which accepts donations of any length to help clean up oil spills. They accept donations from salons, schools, etc. They are looking for boxes full of hair so if you have access to a large amount of hair you should consider this worthwhile charity.

Donating Hair to Charity

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kids Should Learn About Money Early

I think teaching kids about money should be in schools just like teaching kids and teens about reading, writing, and ABC's. Why, because once you learn the basics of money and savings early then it would be effortless to continue the teaching and building upon what they have learned. Financial literacy for children will be far to easy to teach and cost less money when children are younger than waiting until they are freshman in college and being introduced, possibly, for the first time, with financial responsibilities.

When, I was in school I had to get my parents signature before I could get a credit card. Of course, now it is different. College students are bombarded with free trinkets just to fill out an application! Kids and teens should know that saving money is like brushing teeth or combing hair. It should be a habit. Parents are responsible for teaching their kids. But how? How can a parent who never learned themselves about being financially savvy, teach their kids and teens? The United States has just started adding financial literacy in the schools. Each state has its own programs. Check with your state to see if there is a financial literacy program available.

Health Literacy

The Kid$ Money College is the only program that teaches kids from the ages of 5-18. The skills that are developed now will be crucial to the children's future. The basic skills are counting money to the more advance skills are taught. Some of the lessons are, learning what is money, how to have great credit, investing and retirement planning. Once the children learn to effectively manage the money process then they can possibly teach their parents about how to spend and save. In the meantime, kids need to understand money like they understand how to read, early.

Kids Should Learn About Money Early

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's Children Will Lead Us Forward

No charitable cause evokes more emotion, sympathy and the desire to contribute than a children's charity. Perhaps it is their innocence that makes Americans want to do what they can to help. Parents of healthy children thank God that their children are thriving. They feel an urge to help the less fortunate children of the world. Charities devoted to children's causes represent a substantial portion of all charitable organizations.

Children have numerous needs that can not always be met for any number of reasons. Poverty in our nation affects children particularly hard. The basic needs of a growing child that comes from an impoverished family are often neglected. Food, clothing and shelter must be provided. Going without is not an option. Growing boys and girls need medical care, a loving and supportive environment and the chance to believe in their future.

Health Literacy

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are about 1 million public charities in the United States with many of them devoted to helping children in need. There are charities that address children's medical needs. Others address education, counseling and career training. Still others provide toys at Christmas build playgrounds or supply school books.

A child should be able to look forward to an exciting and productive future. They may be suffering from a serious medical condition, come from a broken or dysfunctional family or live in poverty. Any and all of those difficult circumstances should not stand between a child and a bright future. Charitable contributions to worth charities that help children prosper are extremely important.

In this day and age, millions of Americans are out of work and suffering. Millions more are finding it difficult to keep up with their mortgage payments and other monthly bills. But, despite personal financial difficulties, most Christians will do what they can to help a child. Overall charitable giving historically declines in tough economic times. The total dollars collected for needy children may drop, but the desire to give to a charity to help a child remains deep in the heart of most every American.

There is a dark side to the business of raising money. More than any other charitable cause, solicitations for children's charities attract unscrupulous organizations. There are organizations that promise to grant last wishes to a dying child and those that promise to help them get a needed operation. Who can say no to a request for help? The problem with some organizations is that they may spend upward of 90% on fundraising and only give 10% or less of all donated funds to further the charitable cause.

Despite the abuse by some, it is important to fund the legitimate organizations. After all, the children are our future.

Today's Children Will Lead Us Forward

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Monday, November 7, 2011

How Outsiders View America

Americans feel as though their country is the greatest country in the world. They are proud of their country, as they should be. However, it is sometimes difficult to see ourselves as others see us.

Most of the viewpoints expressed are from the standpoint of an American viewing Russia and Russians from the outside looking in.

Health Literacy

The following viewpoint is offered in an effort to try to turn the lens around and show Americans how they are viewed by outsiders.

Americans have about an eighty percent to ninety percent literacy rate, depending on how much you want to believe the statistics of the people who are responsible for educating them.

Do you realize that fast food restaurants in America have pictures of hamburgers and french fries on the cash register buttons instead of dollars and cents! It's because many of the people working there can't make change. They don't have to. They just push the hamburger button and the cash register thinks for them.

Do you realize that the people who are working as cashiers at the major amusement parks of America have training for months learning how to make change before they are allowed to actually work in the cashier booth?

The literacy rate of Russians is over ninety eight percent. If you buy anything from a vendor while you are in Russia, you will realize that they can convert rubles into dollars and back again and make change in either currency in their head in a fraction of the second.

They didn't go to cashier school for months on end to learn how to do that. They learned how to make change at the school of hard knocks.

Many Russians that immigrate to America are afraid to send their children to school here. Instead of learning about how to read, write, and do arithmetic, they learn about alternative lifestyles, gangs, condoms, and 'how to express their opinion.'

Instead of studying great literature, they learn about Barney the Purple Dinosaur and Jurassic Park. Instead of reading about history, they watch a movie by Oliver Stone or Spike Lee to learn about 'how it really was.'

It appears that the mission of modern American schools is to teach the students how to think along the lines of political correctness rather than acquire any skills, which might be of use to them in the future.

The style is not much different from the propaganda machine used during the Cultural Revolution in China, when students had to memorize the slogans in Mao's Little Red Book so they 'thought properly.'

Americans are dreadfully ignorant of geography and events that take place outside of their country. I spoke to one woman in church who was bragging to me about her advanced university degrees and all the books she has read.

Having introduced my wife to her, we started talking about Russia. She asked me in all seriousness, 'Where's Moscow?' I told her it was in Russia. She asked me in all sincerity, 'Where is that?' Some Americans not only are unashamed of their ignorance, they seem to be proud of it.

How Outsiders View America

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Understanding the Three Types of Accountants and Which to Hire For Managing Your Finances

Accounting is a much more complicated task than simply balancing a checkbook. It generally involves a more detailed understanding of finance than the average individual is aware of. To some degree an understanding of economics can be helpful, but accounting remains a specialized field. As such, much like seeking a doctor or medical conditions, accountant should be sought according to their specialty. These specialties can be divided into three separate categories unique to each type application of their skill.

1. Personal Accountants: These are the types of accountant one generally takes their yearly income tax records to. They specialize in dealing with accounting on an individual level. Many of their services and advertisements are tailored towards personal use. If you are an individual seeking personal accounting assistance then you should consider a personal accountant.

Health Literacy

2. Small Business Accountants: This kind of accountant deals best with small businesses. This includes personal businesses. It is generally limited to businesses of not more than 20 to 30 employees. These types of accountants have specialized knowledge relevant to small businesses. In particular they are aware of the relevant local, regional, and national tax codes as they apply to small businesses.

3. Corporate Accountants: This is an entirely different type of accountant than those previously discussed. They are familiar with much larger businesses, generally in excess of 30 employees. Their specialties not only include the necessary accounting records specific corporate business structures, but also encompass familiarity with international trade and income regulations as they apply to corporations.

This is not to say that one accountant or an accounting firm may not be familiar with more than one type of accounting. While one accounting firm can manage many tasks, it is important to consider the specific area of specialization a given accounting firm is most suited to. Chances are if you're considering using a Fortune 500 accounting firm to manage your personal finances, you've selected the wrong company. Likewise if you're a small business or corporation attempting to reduce expenditure by hiring a personal accountant, you will be making a mistake. It is likely that you will end up paying far more than you save in the event of any incorrect filings.

With this in mind it is important not only to consider the business you are hiring, but also to check their references. In the case of personal accounting you likely have friends or neighbors who are familiar with the accounting firm and can give you an honest reference. In the case of business, one simply need ask a supplier, vendor, or firm with which business is conducted. A direct and straightforward reference can usually be obtained.

Understanding the Three Types of Accountants and Which to Hire For Managing Your Finances

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's So Special About Ganoderma Mushroom?

Ganoderma mushroom is from the Mycetes kingdom. These are generally short and tiny fungi that are unable to manufacture their own nutrient through photosynthesis like green plants.

They can either Earth breed or lead a parasitic life by breaking down and surviving on nutrients of other plants and animals. However, due to the increasing worldwide popularity of Ganoderma mushroom as medicinal herb, this fungus is now mass produced with scientific cultivation method.

Health Literacy

Within the kingdom of Mycetes, Ascomycetes are the lower grade while Basidiomycetes such as Ganoderma Lucidum and mushroom are of a superior grade.

The Basidiomycetes have a very close relationship with mankind. Many are edible and have excellent healing properties. These fungi naturally become the more precious medicinal herb in the Basidiomycetes kingdom.

Generally, mushrooms family can improve immune system by activating Macrophage and Natural Killer (NK) immunity cells. Macrophage is one of our important first line defence against virus, bacteria and foreign substances. NK cells are responsible to kill cancer cells.

Some can even improve allergic conditions such as skin allergy, nose allergy and asthma. Some of the beneficial medicinal mushrooms are:

Golden needle mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) Shitake (Lentinus edodes) Maitake (Grifola frondosa) Agaricus Blazei (Agaricus blazei murrill) Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

All these fungi can prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, hardening of blood vessel and even cancer. But of all the fungi, Ganoderma Lucidum significantly stands out in its medicinal values.

However, you may ask...

Among these mushrooms, it is proven that Agaricus Blazei Murill (ABM) has the highest concentration of beta glucan polysaccharides. So, does Agaricus Blazei Murill mushroom has the best anti-cancer effect?

That's right. ABM is the best mushroom for anti-cancer property. But comparing AMB with Ganoderma Lucidum, which one is better?

Ganoderma Lucidum does not only contains beta glucan for anti-cancer, it also contains Organic Germanium. This precious mineral has been proven to have strong anti-cancer effect too. Having both beta glucan and organic germanium together greatly enhance Ganoderma mushroom ability to fight cancer.

Besides, Ganoderma Lucidum contains Triterpenes to help cleanse our blood vessels from cholesterol and fatty substances.

Ganoderma mushroom even has Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). This enzyme functions as our primary defence line against free radicals in our body. SOD in Ganoderma Lucidum can help to protect against attack from harmful free radicals. This makes Ganoderma mushroom one of the best fungi for anti-free radical and anti-aging.

In a Chinese medical encyclopedia "Ben Cao Gang Mu" (Materia Medica - Detailed Outline of Medicinal Herb), an ancient medical practitioner Lee Shi Zhen in the Ming Dynasty classified Ganoderma Lucidum as a "superior herb".

He grouped Ganoderma mushroom into six categories by its color and form, namely Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, White and Black Ganoderma. All six types have its own medicinal values and healing effects.

According to the record, "continuous consumption of Ganoderma mushroom makes the body light and young, lengthening life and making one like an immortal who never dies".

Later, modern medical researches on Ganoderma Lucidum proved the findings of those ancient medical texts. That is why for over 2000 years, Ganoderma mushroom is highly praised in China. The Chinese calls it the auspicious herb, which also influenced their literacy and arts.

What's So Special About Ganoderma Mushroom?

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Sample Teacher Resume

Sample teacher resumes are the first step for any teacher who needs to write a teacher resume. When you want to apply for a teaching position you can get tips from a sample teacher resume to help you create your own unique resume. Since teaching methodologies have changed, if you are returning to the teaching profession after some time or if you are a recent graduate, your resume should reflect that you have knowledge of how to use these methodologies. You do need to highlight your accomplishments and demonstrate areas of strength in your teaching profession.

Teaching is one area where educational background is just as important as work experience. However, like all jobs, you learn more in your first year of teaching than you ever could in five years of university. This is where you put the theories you learned to the test in actual practice.

Health Literacy

Your resume should start with a summary of your profile as a teacher. In this section, you showcase areas of specialty or areas where you feel you made a contribution to the teaching profession in your most recent assignments. You can also include the accomplishments you made in areas of extra-curricular, since taking part in after school activities, such as coaching and supervision is an important part of a teacher's job, even though it is not paid.

Since "balanced literacy" is the buzzword in every job posting, your resume should demonstrate that you can deliver a balanced literacy curriculum in your classroom, whatever the grade level. This includes providing details of the use of guided reading, literature circles, small and whole group discussions and hands-on learning.

If you have training outside of the regular university courses, you must include them in your resume. It is best to include these professional activities in a separate section, especially if you have a certificate from the course. Some of the areas that you could include in this section would be any professional development that you took part in, such as attending seminars.

The resume for a teaching position is only one part of the process for obtaining a teaching position. There will be many resumes similar to yours submitted for each job posting. You may need to submit many resumes before you are even contacted for an interview. The tip that you should remember is to tailor the resume for each job that you apply for. If you have experience teaching several different grades, concentrate on your skills and accomplishments pertinent to the grade level advertised for in the job posting.

Copyright 2007 Jay Tokarz Career Expert

Sample Teacher Resume

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Preschool Learning Activity: Stimulating Children's Minds

It is important for those who work with preschoolers to choose a preschool learning activity carefully. Teaching preschoolers is a rewarding experience and young children are like pliable putty in their preschool teacher's hands. Those who teach children, especially preschoolers, experience one of the finest joys that life has to offer. If you have ever watched a young child's eyes widen in amazement as they see a new creature emerge before their sight - as with a science-based preschool learning activity, then you understand the true rewards of teaching children.

Choosing the best preschool learning activity for young children will enhance their skills, prepare them for kindergarten, and help them develop important emergent skills. Some skills that are critical to early childhood development include:

Health Literacy

o Language Arts/ Literacy

o Mathematics

o Science

o Social Studies/ Character Building

o Physical Education/Health

You should make sure that any preschool learning activity that you select will enhance the child's understanding and awareness of these core skills and developmental areas. Language skills are critical for developing an understanding of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and communicating. Some simple Language activities may include listening games, rhyming, and following oral directions.

Mathematics is essential for the early learner's awareness of numbers, spatial concepts, patterns, and how mathematics pertains to their daily environment. Mathematical preschool activities may include counting, estimating, reading books that focus on numbers, and using items such as toy cash registers and number based puzzles.

Science and Social Studies skills are essential for children to develop an understanding and awareness of the world around them. It is important to teach children how to draw conclusion, ask questions, and observe the world that they live in.

Teaching children the importance of health and physical fitness through play is not only fun, but it is also vital to develop their sense of self. Activities should promote safety, hygiene skills, and health through proper nutrition.

Preschool Learning Activity: Stimulating Children's Minds

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Literacy Classroom - Best Method to Enhance Your Study Method

The literacy classroom course is considered to be actual vital in the schooling of students taking in consideration the huge impact the surroundings has upon teens. The preparation of a classroom for the future teens has a big effect on the success-rate of the schooling process goal. It influences learners' capability to focus, devote attention, and evoke information from previous learning. For enhanced effect the temperature of a literacy classroom has to be reasonable and the surroundings should be appealing. In order to have the teens focused on learning and school activities, it is best if the classroom are situated far away from any sound distracting areas.

A literacy classroom having poor lighting system will make for a bad learning place as teens will face difficulties in reading and writing their lessons. The truth is that a bright and spacious room with fresh air and ample light meets the ideal conditions to increase students concentration and to ease their learning. The walls shouldn't be bare or patchy at all. They should be built with bright and multi colored graphs that will not just make the room seem appealing but also give vital information to students about various topics. The graphs on the walls should cover educational documentation planned to keep the teens drawn towards their studies and not to distract them.

Health Literacy

The adequate atmosphere and all services mentioned above are very valuable in teens' literacy education. Many experts and connoisseurs have associated applicants' receptiveness to physical conditions and its surrounding environment. An apt and a appropriate literacy classroom atmosphere certainly bring great comfort level for applicants making them interested in their lessons.

No matter the age of the teens, the perfect environment has a huge positive impact on literacy classroom applicants. Not just children but adults also respond positively when their literacy classrooms are better designed as compared to be boring, plain and dull.

Momentarily the professors are not in total control of the teens' study power. Therefore, both sides, tutors and teens are able to work together to make their literacy classroom an inspiring and creative classroom. Efforts must be put in to make the place not just comfortable but also friendly and helpful with inventive learning aids. In case there can 't be done any big changes, a number of plants placed in good positions will be able to lighten and produce a cheerful sensation to the literacy classroom.

Literacy Classroom - Best Method to Enhance Your Study Method

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