Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bedwetting - The "3" Avenue Approach - An Approach That Works - Hypnosis!

Having a child who wets their bed can be heartbreaking to not only the child but to the parents also. Hypnosis is a technique that can help with both the emotional and physical. We know that the alarms don't seem to work and wearing diapers can be traumatic in of itself for the child. Isolation is another common problem that happens when there are sleepovers that the child cannot attend.

There are three avenues in dealing with this problem with hypnosis.

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1) Investigate subconscious emotional reason

Once establishing the child into trance, you are able to investigate if there are any emotional reasons that are contributing to this problem. You can use various methods you have been taught such as "Wise Mind" , regression, questioning for secondary gain or perhaps part therapy. Perhaps, there has been some emotional trauma that can be showing up as bed wetting symptoms.

2) Dealing with with purely physical

In dealing with the purely "physical" part of what is going on, I like to use the idea of a "Magic Flashlight". Children love magic! Take the child to their control room of their mind ( where the running or reading or coloring controls are etc.). Have them find their bladder control and with the magic flashlight see what needs to be fixed and fix it.

3) Changing the way the brain sends messages

The next avenue, is concentrating on changing the way the brain sends messages. Use the idea of pointing out that we can run faster and jump higher and now we are going to help the brain send signals to that part of the bladder to hold tight!! You can use the idea of a lever or knob or whatever works. Let the child know that his brain is still learning and it will happen one of these days. He will wake up dry. And it will happen more and more !

Bedwetting - The "3" Avenue Approach - An Approach That Works - Hypnosis!

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