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Lecturer Jobs in Oman

Oman is an Arab country in Southwest Asia, bordered by UAE, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Being the second largest state of Gulf, it is one of the fastest growing economies of the region. The economy of Oman is based on oil reserves but the government is aiming at diversifying it by generating job opportunities in other sectors. For instance, lecturer jobs in Oman are on a rise pertaining to government's initiative of promoting education in the country.

Education in Oman is free of cost up to the secondary levels and there are various initiatives being taken to combat adult illiteracy. The government has been making huge investments by spending nearly 5% of GDP along with 26% of total government spending on the education of its citizens. According to Human Development Report, 2006, the literacy rate in adults i.e. above 15 is around 82% and in youth i.e. between 15 to 24 is more than 97%.

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The primary and secondary education is well managed in Oman but higher education began barely 25 years ago in 1986. Students were earlier sent to neighboring countries like UAE, Egypt, Jordon, Kuwait and even UK and America to pursue higher education. In order to cater to the manpower requirement of the country, various universities and special colleges are being set up increasingly. They aim at both teaching the aspiring students and preparing the teachers to impart education in various sectors like IT, Law, Banking, Healthcare and others.

The first private college in Oman was established in 1994 and the number has been growing ever since. Most of these colleges focus on subjects related to business administration and computer sciences. The medium of language is mainly English as they are usually affiliated with European, Australian or American institutions. The colleges in Oman mostly offer graduate degrees with progress being made on post graduate and doctorate levels. Some of the universities in Oman include Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat University, Rustaq Education College, College of Applied Sciences (CAS) and other technology and medical colleges.

Lecturers or professors are the people in academic institutions who impart subject knowledge to the students as well as lead and supervise research groups. The usage of the term lecturer may differ invariably depending on the country but is interchangeable with instructors in Oman. Lecturer jobs in Oman are growing in numbers as government is trying to expand the reach of the sector. Oman is trying to be self sufficient at least in regards to academics so that students do not have to move out to pursue higher education. Until recently, there were hardly any provisions for students willing to study till post graduate and doctorate levels. But, lot of progress has been made and with more colleges coming up, the demand for lecturers has also risen. Lecturer jobs in Oman are on a rise and inviting applications from qualified and experienced candidates across all fields. Some of the fields for lecturer jobs in Oman are:
Mechanical engineer, data management, interior design, international business, advertising, networking, graphic design, hospitality management, IT security, tourism management, office management, computer engineer, human resource management, microbiology, animation, apparel merchandising, economics, marketing, e-commerce and many more.

Jobs in Oman in academic field are available for counselors, teachers, lecturers, assistant lecturers, senior lecturers and head lecturers. If you possess an expert knowledge and experience in any of the fields, you can apply for the lecturer jobs in Oman. Lectureship is a respected field in Oman and is growing rapidly to meet the needs of the modern world and the emerging service sector. Lecturers are paid quite well.

Lecturer Jobs in Oman

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