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Sample Teacher Resume

Sample teacher resumes are the first step for any teacher who needs to write a teacher resume. When you want to apply for a teaching position you can get tips from a sample teacher resume to help you create your own unique resume. Since teaching methodologies have changed, if you are returning to the teaching profession after some time or if you are a recent graduate, your resume should reflect that you have knowledge of how to use these methodologies. You do need to highlight your accomplishments and demonstrate areas of strength in your teaching profession.

Teaching is one area where educational background is just as important as work experience. However, like all jobs, you learn more in your first year of teaching than you ever could in five years of university. This is where you put the theories you learned to the test in actual practice.

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Your resume should start with a summary of your profile as a teacher. In this section, you showcase areas of specialty or areas where you feel you made a contribution to the teaching profession in your most recent assignments. You can also include the accomplishments you made in areas of extra-curricular, since taking part in after school activities, such as coaching and supervision is an important part of a teacher's job, even though it is not paid.

Since "balanced literacy" is the buzzword in every job posting, your resume should demonstrate that you can deliver a balanced literacy curriculum in your classroom, whatever the grade level. This includes providing details of the use of guided reading, literature circles, small and whole group discussions and hands-on learning.

If you have training outside of the regular university courses, you must include them in your resume. It is best to include these professional activities in a separate section, especially if you have a certificate from the course. Some of the areas that you could include in this section would be any professional development that you took part in, such as attending seminars.

The resume for a teaching position is only one part of the process for obtaining a teaching position. There will be many resumes similar to yours submitted for each job posting. You may need to submit many resumes before you are even contacted for an interview. The tip that you should remember is to tailor the resume for each job that you apply for. If you have experience teaching several different grades, concentrate on your skills and accomplishments pertinent to the grade level advertised for in the job posting.

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Sample Teacher Resume

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