Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Education is Crucial in Today's Economy

All of us are experiencing the impact of the current economic implosion to some extent. Cut backs are being made at every level, from families trying to manage on tighter budgets and companies downsizing to governments locally and federally looking for areas to cut the 'pork'. However, there is one area where we simply cannot afford to cut corners in this economy, and that is on education. The importance of schools and studying in today's economy is critical, and we must not compromise on our children's' futures in order to cut costs. In this article, we'll discuss the top reasons why education is crucial in today's economy:

1. It is extremely important for maintaining our nation's Lead Role in Education. There was a time when America led the world in nearly every category among civilized nations. America was at the forefront in healthcare provision, per capita income, and excellence of education. Our capitalist, democratic society supported the supposition that everyone is created equal and deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in life. In terms of education, the results were apparent in standardized tests scores achieved by the nation's children, and in high rates of literacy and high school graduation. The American system of free and public education exemplified all that this nation stood for. However, statistics show that this nation has been slipping in terms of educational success, with increasing drop out rates and lower standardized test scores compared to other nations. It is tempting to consider cuts in education as a means of reducing the federal deficit. Yet this would be completely counterproductive to repairing what is broken in the marketplace today.

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2. Education supports innovation. The importance of schools and studying in today's economy is vital because it will take the contributions of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, supplied by this nation's universities and technical and trade schools, to revitalize the economy. Innovations in alternate fuels and life-saving medical techniques are just a couple of instances where education plays a huge role in supplying the talent needed. Now is not the time to sacrifice and compromise on funding schools.

3. College Cost vs. Benefits. With the costs of a college education rising just as families are feeling the financial crunch and struggling to stay afloat, it is tempting to think that higher education is a luxury we just can't afford. But the truth is, a college or trained technical or occupational education has never been more crucial. In the competitive marketplace we're experiencing, those with the best skills and top credentials will still be able to carve out a living and a place in the market. Those who lack education and training may find themselves counted in the growing numbers who are jobless and without hope.

In conclusion, don't let anyone argue against the importance of schools and studying in today's economy. From our current president's tales of being awakened as a young child at dawn by his mother each morning to study for the school day ahead, an important lesson can be learned. Education is still our best hope, and in our lifetimes, most of us have never been in a situation where hope was so desperately needed.

Why Education is Crucial in Today's Economy

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