Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Candy Shop War - A Book Review

The old saying "too much candy can be bad for your health" rings true in this fast paced, action packed story. Nate and his family are new in town which means a new school and new friends. Nate is not too happy about this but the three young friends he makes will soon become the type that last forever. One warm afternoon on the way home from school, the four young kids decide to try out the new candy shop. However, they are short on money and are in hopes the owner will give them a sample. Belinda White, owner of the Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Candy Shoppe, offers free candy if they will perform odd jobs around town. Not only is the candy free it's magical too!

What kid can resist magical rock candy to fly through the air and jaw breakers to become unbreakable? Throw in a little shift changing and talking animals and you have all the ingredients for a wild adventure. Soon Nate and his friends; Summer, Trevor and Pigeon discover the real cost of this addictive candy. Belinda White's true identity as an evil magician unfolds and Nate and his friends try to turn her own power against her. It takes all the wit and imagination the quartet can conjure up with a little help from Mr. Stott the ice cream truck driver who has some magical tricks of his own. The mystery deepens and doesn't stop until the last piece of candy has been eaten.

Health Literacy

This magical fantasy story will make any 8 - 12 year old turn their imagination up a notch or two. New York Times bestselling Author Brandon Mull travels the country visiting schools, promoting literacy and sharing his message that "Imagination can take you places." Mull teaches lessons with all his stories by adding a reading guide at the end of each book. Questions like "Between Nate, Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon, who would you most want as a friend? Why?" and "What is the best approach for handling bullies?" are designed to stimulate the readers' deductive reasoning skills.

The Candy Shop War is published by Shadow Mountain.

The Candy Shop War - A Book Review

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