Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dry Erase Paint

It is always advisable that you take utmost care when dealing with paints especially if you have children around. Normally used to rub away and clean permanent markings left behind by crayons, stickers or tapes, dry erase paints add attractiveness and beauty to the surfaces they are applied on. While they leave a powder coating to their finish, they are not messy, neither do they emit odor and are also easy to apply.

There are two types of dry erase paints acrylic and oil based but they have similar characteristics. While applying them, brushes of high and superior quality should be used to ensure a smooth finish. You should keep them away from children because they may be slightly toxic. These brushes should be washed with clean soap and water to eliminate any traces and also to ensure that they last longer.

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Acrylics are water based and they dry out faster than the oil based ones making application of various coats easy. When applied on on wood canvases, the grainy texture on the surfaces stands out and gives the pieces a beautiful and attractive finish. Due to their easy application methods, dry erase paints can be used as a fun activity where parents and children can get involved in applying around the house.

In the market today, you will find them in different varieties and at reasonable prices to suit your individual needs. They are not only applicable on wood surfaces but can also be used on plastered walls, giving shiny outcome for a long time. A popular brand available in the market is the Markee.

Dry Erase Paint

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