Friday, December 9, 2011

Magalog - A Powerful Marketing Tool

I hope you've read my article "Catalogs--If You Don't Have One, You Should." Once you've created a catalog to market your products and services, the next logical step is a magalog. A magalog is essentially a marketing "power tool" reserved for your best customers.

Just as it sounds, a magalog is a combination of magazine and catalog, an information piece that subtly convinces your readers that your products and services are the solutions to their problems. People will keep a magalog longer than a catalog, in order to refer to the useful information. And each time they return to it, they are reminded of you and your business; you thereby create a "stickiness" surpassed by an ordinary catalog.

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Magalogs have traditionally been used to sell magazine subscriptions, but now are used to market nearly any product or service.

For maximum impact, include the following elements:

Articles with useful information Columns authored by experts Product reviews Attractive graphics Tips and hints in sidebars and boxes Coupons and offers for your products and services Affiliate products Questionnaires/surveys to improve your products and services And throughout, the subtly convincing message that you're an expert in your field and have everything they need to solve their problem. When they're ready to spend money, they'll think of you first.

You can also include some advertising from complementary, non-competing companies. In fact, if you sell enough advertising to these businesses, you can have your entire magalog paid for before you print it; then your sales are pure profit.

If you own an online or offline retail business, seriously consider using a magalog to market your products and services. Work with a professional copywriter who has experience with both informational and sales pieces. Ask him or her about working with your graphic designer, or to recommend one. But don't miss out on this powerful opportunity to get--and stay--in front of your customers and potential customers and put yourself ahead of the competition.

Magalog - A Powerful Marketing Tool

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