Monday, December 12, 2011

MBA Vs DBA - Which Is Better?

If you currently have your MBA, you may be wondering if it is worth your while to continue on to earn your doctorate degree. MBA vs. DBA - which is better for you? The answer is simple, what do you want to do with your life? What is your ultimate career goal?

If your main career goal is to be at the top of the business world, an MBA may be the right educational path for you. Some of the different facets of business simply require an MBA in order to qualify for the senior level positions, such as chief financial officer, vice president, and chief executive officer.

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However, the academia system produces 90,000 MBA graduates per year in the US alone. If you are in a particular business area where competition is fierce, then a DBA could possibly help you stand out amongst your peers. The DBA allows you to put new research and theories into practice in a business, which lends itself perfectly to managerial careers. It also prepares the student for a possible career in academia. A DBA can lead to a more rewarding career overall.

Another distinction is the salary range for each degree. Graduates with an MBA degree typically enter the workforce between ,000 to ,000. DBA's fair slightly better, with starting salaries around 0,000.

So, before deciding whether to enroll in a DBA program, it is best to look closely at what you are hoping to accomplish in your career. If you are still having problems deciding, you may want to meet with a career counselor.

MBA Vs DBA - Which Is Better?

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