Friday, December 16, 2011

Prejaculation Sucks - My Story

What a nightmare - like many of my friends, I've been sexually active since about 15 years old. Believe it or not I "suffered" from premature ejaculation for about 5 years (I'm currently 21) thinking that practice was the solution. While all of that sex was fun, it was the furthest thing from a solution. 5 years of sex and still no progress - fun! It's not only embarrassing the night we "did the deed" but then your lady friend will tell her friends - don't kid yourself, chicks talk about this stuff man.

Naturally I got a little fed up with the embarrassment and being totally lame - at this point I was averaging like 5 minutes after penetration. I tried the "think of baseball... think of grandma... think of grandma playing baseball" deal, I tried the pills, I tried the lotions, creams and sprays, I tried pretty much every trick in the book.

Health Literacy

First let's start with the pills - these things are totally useless and I later found out that not ONE is approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)... lame.

Now the lotions, creams and sprays, they must work right? They do, but at the expense of you not feeling ANYTHING and it's a pain no man should experience. Seriously, they're designed to numb your penis so there's no sensation - it's like shoving your penis in a snow bank or freezer, painful and pointless. Not to mention that's not exactly a big turn on, right? "Hey honey, don't forget my numbin' cream!" - or "One second, I need to numb the sucker!" - ah yes, I'm sure that's what every lady strives to hear.

When I first tried the numbing creams I actually tried to hide the fact - I went into the bathroom, applied it, put the condom on and was ready for business... I was in the clear. There was one problem... when I finished and took the condom off she could smell cream and asked what it was - let's just say that made for an awkward breakfast.

The next step was putting my mad literacy skills to work and reading a book - imagine that! What's even more shocking is that this is where I found the "cure" to prejaculation - although each individual is different this worked for me. Sound of the stuff sounded totally ridiculous in the beginning - like it was mainly based on things you can do in your head (not thinking of unattractive things, that doesn't work) and penis exercises.

Yeah, you read the right, penis exercises - if you don't already own some yarn and free weights you may want to get saving your pennies! Kidding... you'll need about ... okay I'll stop. The exercises actually require no "outside assistance" or anything other than what God gave you - craziness.

To make a very long story short, once I found the right book with the right information I started lasting upwards of 20 minutes after penetration - high five! Remember earlier when I mentioned that women would talk to their girlfriends about how long men last? Now I have women telling ME about their ex-partners and how quick it took them to finish - each and every time they laugh... little do they know I used to be that guy.

Prejaculation Sucks - My Story

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