Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Are the Typical Symptoms of Atypical Migraine?

Well, first let me ask a question. What is the toughest question you have ever got?

To me, as a migraine doctor, the toughest question I ever get is when the migraine sufferer or one family member drag me to a corner and ask the following question secretly "I have checked the internet, I found a typical migraine should have these symptoms, I do not have this one, do I have an atypical migraine?"

Health Literacy

Well, thanks to the Internet, the medical literacy did increase a lot, at least the patient is sober enough not bringing the Dr. House question to me.

Let us made it clear, so long you still have a headache, what you get is more or less a TYPICAL migraine.

Atypical migraine is usually referred as a silent migraine, which means this migraine attack do not have the symptom of the headache. In this situation, the sufferer have all the other symptoms of a typical migraine, including nausea, sensitive to light and noise, and it is usually the aura before those symptoms give us the hint that they may have an atypical migraine which involves certain kind of neurology problems.

There are also some cases involve abdominal pain and facial pain also considered to be an atypical migraine. Due to the same reason, an atypical migraine is hard to diagnose, because of the lack of headache, it is hard for the doctor to reach the right conclusion while the sufferer was describing.

The good news is there is no evidence indicating that an atypical migraine could cause permanent damage. And, the regular treatment of typical migraine also works on the atypical case.

The point I would like to strengthen is before you took any migraine meds, you should really try some migraine natural cure methods. It is unclear of the side effects of certain migraine meds.

For those sufferers who depends heavily on their computer doctor. I would like to strongly recommend the migraine natural cure first, if the traditional migraine treatment works, there is no need to go to the doctor and ask for special meds treatment. It did save you time and a lot of money.

What Are the Typical Symptoms of Atypical Migraine?

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