Saturday, February 11, 2012

The History of Nursing Research

The history of nursing research began with the famous British Nurse Florence Nightingale. It is the nursing research which decides and manages the fundamentals of the nursing practice in common. It is said that when a nurse makes a medical assessment he or she makes a judgment which is supported by and feature the existing tendency in nursing research.

If by chance a nurse does not perform in agreement with the nursing research he or she may be held responsible of medical negligence. Quantative and Qualitive Research are the two main areas of research which are applicable to the nursing professional. Quantitive Research centers on the results in nursing which is noticeably by the exercise of testing controlled trial settings. Quantity Research centers on the quality issue of the result as experienced by the patient.

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The Association of American Nurses is an organization that serves as a network and helps to promote a positive image of nursing all over the country. There are totally 54 organizations of these association and almost three million registered nurses within the United States represent their country.

This group was initially started in the year 1911 by a group from Canada which officially became the American Nurses Association. Therefore the history of nursing research American was commenced in the 19th century. Recently, this organization has extended its branches to all the corners of the country.

The nurses work to help their working conditions and also improve the conditions and treatment of the patient. This group of American nurses present and promote nursing values through the net and also publish newsletters. All the way through education, strength and support, this remarkable group has developed into a figure of great value of nurses in the country of United States.

The History of Nursing Research

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