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The 2011 Tragedies From Around the World

As 2011 starts to reign, people are becoming hopeful that it will be a good year for all of us since 2010 has been a stressful year. In Chinese, the rabbit symbolizes good luck. It is a year where we can "catch our breath" and "calm our nerves". However, experts in medical scrubs are telling us that it is not always good to depend on cultural traditions as tragedies and unexpected events will appear in no time to shock and caught us unprepared.

No one says that we should not believe such cultural traditions; anyone can stay as a believer while keeping aware of what will happen. Like we always say, expect the unexpected. February is not yet through but there are already countless events occur around the world and most of them are tragic. 2011 seems to shake us with a shocking entrance. So, here are the top 4 tragic events of 2011 from around the world.

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The 2011 Tucson Shooting

The 2011 Tragedies From Around the World

January 8, 2011 is an unforgettable date for people in Tucson, Arizona. A mass shooting occurred and there were 19 people shot - 6 of them lost their lives, and 14 others were wounded. Included in the people who were shot was Representative Gabrielle Giffords who called for an open meeting with the members of her constituency in a Supermarket parking lot. There were too many innocent people who died in the shootout including the youngest victim, Christina - Taylor Green who is only 9 years old. The shooter, Jared Lee Loughner is a high school dropout and was said to have shown behavioral problems before committing the massacre. It was a shocking tragedy that left a scar to people who witness, truly unforgettable intro of 2011.

The End of the World Prediction

Many people reacted to this issue. We are now in 2011, a year before the world ends and we're all going to die that's why many people still panic every time they hear about it. The issue became a hot topic for everyone during the first month of 2011. It all started with a Mayan calendar which is the center of controversy. The current cycle of the calendar aka baktun began on August 13, 3114 BC that marks the end of the last period as well as the beginning of the current one. Currently, the baktun we are living in is the thirteenth and the end of cycle has been considered to have been a huge importance to the Mayans which draw the people to a conclusion that such cycle will end and it will be the world's end too. The controversy according to scientists is just a Myth. A myth that shook many people and made them worried about this year.

The 2011 Egypt Revolt

Egypt is known for its tough government -tough that the people cannot bear it anymore. Egypt protests to end the decade rule of their President, Hosni Mubarak. It was a two and a half week protest that injured and killed civilians. But after a long protest, Mubarak resigned as a president after he'd been held since 1981.

Tragedy at Estonian Orphanage

Afternoon of February 19, 2011, ten disabled children died after a fire race through the orphanage where they live. They were just among the 37 children and nine adults living inside the wooden building. The people of Haapsalu, a coastal town in Estonia were deeply saddened of the innocent lives lost from the fire. According to a source, the cause of the fire was not yet cleared.

The 2011 Tragedies From Around the World

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