Thursday, March 8, 2012

Treatments For Speech Impediments

Do you have a speech impediment? Are you looking at ways in which you can overcome your speech impediment? Do you hate your speech impediment? Does your speech impediment dictate your life? Up until around ten years ago I would have answered yes to all of these questions but have now managed to achieve fluency and life has never been so good.

My own speech impediment started when I was just four years of age, well this is what my parents have told me. I had for whatever reason developed what I call a stammer or what most people call a stutter. Looking back this must have been a huge cause of concern for my parents and it would have been difficult for them to know where to look for help. Now that I am a parent myself I can understand what it must have been like for them.

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My parents decided to take me to speech therapy in a quest to cure the speech impediment. I, as such a young boy did not want to go as it was not somewhere that any of my friends had to go. I have to admit that I do not remember much about these early speech therapy lessons.

Treatments For Speech Impediments

In my teenage years I continued to search for some sort of stammering cure and was desperate to find some solutions to the speech impediment. I was starting to get frustrated with life and especially speech therapy. I had been going for years and had not improved one bit. I also had quite a bad attitude to the whole process, you have never had a stammer so how do you know how it is affecting me, this is what I used to think about these speech therapists who were attempting and failing to help me.

There are many different types of therapy for a stutter including one-to-one speech courses, group courses, hypnosis, self help dvds and self help ebooks.

I managed to overcome my own stammer ten years ago after basically studying how what I call the best talkers spoke and then copying them. My confidence has improved in a big way and life is now a lot easier.

Treatments For Speech Impediments


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