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Speech Therapy Exercises for My Stuttering

As I mentioned in the previous articles, I used several speech therapy exercises to get over my stuttering and speak fluently. Some of them helped more, some less and now I would like to give you a small recap. Don't rush to speak. Everything is harder when you are in a rush speaking included. I always tried and sometimes still try to say something as fast as I can to stop talking that people do not realise I stutter. But this is not the way and I actually speak less fluent. Slow down how you move your mouth - lips or tongue.

Breathing is another very important speech therapy exercise. Take a deep breath in when you start a sentence or make a pause. Running out of breath leaves you stucked in the half of a sentence and obviously this is not the way. I bet you know what I am talking about. Exercise at home while reading or talking to yourself in the mirror. Start your sentence softly. It gets you into the talking mood. I used to emphasize the first word and got stucked so many times that the rest of the sentence was a disaster. It is not like that everything depends on the first word, but it makes it so much easier to talk when you have a good beginning. If it is a long word, try to highlight one specific syllable or 'add a bounce' to the word so that it is easier for you to say it. Maybe it will sound like singing, but who cares.

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People have different types of voices and once you will train how to do it, you will be much more confident. I mentioned above that is important to train at home. My suggestions are: - Say your 'long vowel' sounds a few times slowly and softly for about 2 or 3 minutes. - Read. Practise your breathing and learn to do it naturally. Use your gentle sounds at the beginning. You can also speak out loud in front of a mirror. - Listen to yourself as you do the above exercises. You will realise what is going wrong and then correct mistakes. At the end I would like to highlight that no one in the world speaks 100%. We want to be perfect, but that is not the aim. That is to feel confident and comfortable when speaking.

Speech Therapy Exercises for My Stuttering
Speech Therapy Exercises for My Stuttering

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