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One Easy Stuttering Exercise to Help You Stop Stuttering

If you are looking for an easy stuttering exercise to help stop your stuttering, this article can help. This exercise listed below will help counteract your stuttering, and can be practiced at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home.

Exercise #1
The majority of your stuttering comes from the stress you feel from stuttering. As you begin to stutter, stress builds, and you in turn stutter more.

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The easiest way to alleviate the stress of speaking is to hear yourself saying the words correctly. The more words you can string together without stuttering the easier it will be to continue to speak without stuttering as your confidence grows.

One Easy Stuttering Exercise to Help You Stop Stuttering

In this exercise you will concentrate on saying each word of a sentence slowly (as slowly as possible without stuttering), and rhythmically. Take a book and read the words out loud, slow and steady until you can repeat sentences without a stutter. Don't worry if you have to go very slow at first, as you improve you can speed up. The goal is to say the words without a stutter at a constant pace.

Time yourself for 1 minute and see how many words you can get through without stuttering. Set a realistic goal for yourself to read "X" number of words in the one minute time frame without a stutter. Practice daily, and continue to work towards your goal.

You'll find that over time you'll be able to read out loud for one minute without a stutter, and then you'll begin to speak faster, reading more words, during that same time frame. With practice this is one of the best ways to speak more confidently and increase your fluidity.

One Easy Stuttering Exercise to Help You Stop Stuttering

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